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Listen to Music Together

Voice commands for Hands-Free

Voice, video, text, transcripts, and more...

A Smart Walkie-Talkie in your pocket. Download Now!

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& voice chat 

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Connections are already primed, meaning you don’t wait 10 seconds to establish a phone call.

Fast like a walkie-talkie, but becomes a two-way call upon response.

Quickly switch between friends/groups/channels.

Say things like: 

“Hey Switchboard talk to Jim Bob”


“Switch On/Off” (sets availability on intercom)

Keep your headphones in and phone in your pocket!

We are working toward a fully conversational user interface

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Voice messages are automatically transcribed and sent as both text and audio

Having both text and voice means you don’t need to worry about correcting like you do with the mic-input on the keyboard. 

Push notifications often cause voice messages to flow naturally into two-way conversations. 

Listen to music together like you're in the same place. There are two awesome parts here:

1) Unlike other “listen together” parties, people can actually talk thanks to voice detection and automatic volume adjustment.

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2) You can listen to your own music or join friends to listen in sync. Let your friends drop in or start a music group and take turns being the DJ.

Listen to more music at work without cutting off your team mates (or cutting them off selectively ;)

Connect Switchboard channels to Slack channels.

Leave voice messages rather than typing on the go. Transcripts make them easily searchable. So much easier to record that bug or feature idea!

a with Graphite x38cm Gym Swim Tote Bag Play Grey Shopping HippoWarehouse Mermaids Fairies Beach 10 with litres Unicorn Ride 42cm See when people are talking and join instantly. 

Connect and monitor channels passively by audio instead of actively looking for text messages.

Video chat with added benefits:

Keep video connections running without the constant noise thanks to voice detection.

Grey HippoWarehouse Unicorn Gym Graphite Play Beach with Mermaids 10 Tote x38cm Ride with a 42cm Bag litres Fairies Shopping Swim Keep your music running and watch the volume auto-adjust when someone starts talking.

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Next generation walkie talkie and voice chat.

Switchboard is Superpowered

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