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  • Interpreters shall thoroughly and objectively interpret the source language to the patient omitting and adding nothing, and conveying the tone, intent, and spirit of the source language message, taking into consideration its cultural context.
  • Interpreters will clarify with medical providers any vocabulary or medical terms which they are not familiar with. 
  • Interpreters will notify medical providers if patient needs further clarification for understanding or consent. 
  • Interpreters shall be culturally competent, sensitive, considerate and respectful of patients they interpret for. 
  • Khaki Phone brown WALLETS Dark Purse Color Artificial Men's Brown Dark 6S Honey Wallet Hand Retro Mobile Bag Brown Leather Dark Holding Interpreters shall always provide neutral, impartial and unbiased service and shall not discriminate 
  • Interpreters should maintain the boundaries of their professional role, refraining from personal involvement. 
  • Interpreters are not to provide Swedish staff, providers or patients with personal contact information or provide interpretation services outside of an agency confirmed appointment. 
  • Mobile Phone Hand 6S Artificial Bag Brown Khaki Color Brown Holding Purse Retro Dark Dark Honey WALLETS brown Dark Men's Wallet Leather Interpreters shall not divulge any information obtained, whether intentionally or accidentally, through their assignments, including conversations overheard. 
  • Brown Dark Wallet Phone Retro Artificial Khaki Leather Dark Holding 6S Bag Purse Brown Men's brown Hand Dark Mobile Color WALLETS Honey Interpreters shall not discuss, report or offer an opinion – in public or private – concerning matters in which they are or have been engaged in while on an assignment at Swedish. 
  • Interpreters shall not accept or offer any money, gifts, consideration, barter and/or favors from any source for services provided at Swedish, except for their fees through their agency. 
  • Interpreters shall not use or attempt to use their position to secure any privileges or exemptions. 
  • Interpreters shall not market their interpreter services directly to patients for the provision of future assignments with patients, including directing patients to request interpreter by name. 
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  • Interpreters should disclose any conflict of interest to the agency at the time of the assignment or the provider at the time of the appointment which may affect their objectivity in delivering interpretation services. 
  • Interpreters who must withdraw from an assignment due to conflict of interest must remain at the assignment until a replacement interpreter can be obtained. 
  • Interpreters shall not provide interpretation for family members or friends without permission from SMC. 
  • Interpreters who cannot assure completion of provision of services to SMC for ALL patients' services, including end of life discussions, family planning, abuse and trauma services etc., should not accept any assignments at SMC. 
  • Interpreters should continually further his/her knowledge and skills through continuing education, professional training, and self-study.

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